Complimentary Car Safety Inspection

As part of our ongoing commitment to public safety, Round One is providing a complimentary car safety inspection, during the month of September 2021. Our experts will be on hand to perform the FREE 9 – point inspection, which includes:

1. Lubricants and Filters Check
2. Brakes and Brake Fluid Check
3. Battery Check
4. Steering and Suspension Check
5. Tires Check
6. Rims Check 
7. Wiper Blades Check 
8. Air Conditioning Check 
9. Coolant and Other Fluids Check 

Neglected maintenance can lead to more than just unexpected breakdowns and travel delays. Research indicates that unperformed maintenance is a contributing factor in 1 out of every 20 accidents. Book Your Appointment now to benefit from this Free and Personalized Service. 

 This offer is valid till the end of September 2021