Tire Services

Tires can take a lot of damage that’s why you should consider caring for their health for a longer durability.

Tire Change

When your tires are about to retire, Round One will help you select the best tire for your driving preferences. The services we provide include removing and ensuring a safe installation of your brand new tires.

Tire Repair

We’ll repair your damaged tires by removing the tire from the rim and having it inspected for damages; liner repair, checking for punctures to fill and reinstalling it back on your vehicle after balancing it.

Tire Rotation

At Round One we advise you to bring over your vehicle twice a year to our branches where we can rotate your tires to preserve them. If ignored, your tires will wear out at different rates shortening their life. 

Wheel Balance

Vibrations are often induced by balance issues with the tire and rim, at Round One we can measure and detect the cause of the vibrations so later we eliminate them for you so you can have a trembling free trip.